2010 Soccer Anthems Iphone App



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Every World Cup soccer fan, including all of us in the office decided it would fun to create an Iphone app for the World Cup.

THE challenge

We wanted to have all of the national anthems in their native language and english. We could not find all of them online, so had to rely on our multi cultured team for inspiration. In addition we wanted to use MP 3's to listen to actual music, but had to drop that part of the project due to copyright laws and regulations. We went through several rounds of approval within Apple's app store, due to copyright issue with the word FIFA.

THE solution

Design - Netimagio

Platform - Iphone app and Apple App store

THE result

A fun, simple and easy to use application that connected soccer fans, by learning their national anthem and supporting their country. The only problem is that Holland did not end up winning the World Cup.